Fossilised Shark Tooth Pendant


Surf's up with this cool Shark Tooth Pendant! In many cultures, sharks’ teeth are seen as a symbol of protection, strength, and power. Surfers often wear them to bring good luck or protect themselves from harm in the water.

As all things in their natural state, these pieces are singularly beautiful and made from durable materials to last for generations. This pendant has solid Sterling silver detailing that will elevate your laid-back style while still remaining unique at its core because there isn't another one exactly like yours, so grab yours before someone else does!

Fossilized Shark tooth pendant available in high quality Sterling Silver 925.

H 26.5mm x W 27mm (Approximate size, as everything is individually hand made.) We supply a light and delicate chain with our pendants, as we believe that you know how you want to wear it, we want to leave that option up to you. Whether on a leather string for a cool vibe, or a stronger chunky chain for everyday wear and dancing. Or even a dainty filigree long chain for a touch of class with evening wear. Whatever you choose we are sure you’ll love your unique look! Please be aware that as all our designs are specifically handmade, lead times will vary between 1-3 weeks, unless the item is in stock. Therefore it will be shipped within 2 business days.

5 in stock (can be made to order)

Ocean safe, sustainable, eco-friendly

Our ocean inspired jewellery is handcrafted from 100% sterling silver meaning you can take it with you in the ocean. As ocean lovers ourselves, we strive to be environmentally conscious, sustainable and eco-friendly. Our mission is to run our studio on renewable and sustainable energy. We endeavour to make our waste products recyclable and all of our products are delivered in either recyclable or compostable wrapping.