Jewellery Care

Jewellery Care

Kaikoa would like to help our beautiful customers take care of the pieces they have collected. here are a few pointers to help keep them just as beautiful as the day they arrived.

Silver can be quite delicate and has the possibility of snapping if bent too often.

Please avoid wearing your silver jewellery during labour intensive activities – Sports, Garden work, handling chemicals and working with machinery. You risk both damaging you and your jewellery.

To keep a regular shine please use a simple microfiber cloth or jewellery cloth (not paper towels) to polish your pieces. You can buy these from your local supermarkets or online.

For a more intense clean and to bring back much more of the shine, you can use the water and baking soda method.

You will need 2 parts water to 1 part baking soda (use a bit more water if the jewellery has delicate features). Stir into a paste. Use an old cloth to apply this cleaner in gentle buffing motions and movements. Then Rinse.

Please do not use any harsh chemicals or abrasive brushes as this may scratch the piece or take away any of the oxidisation in the detailed parts.

We use the oxidisation on some of the more detailed pieces of jewellery, to give a deeper and darker affect into the detail of the ring. This makes the detail stand out and makes the ring much more unique.

Silver will naturally oxidise more over time whilst being worn. This keeps your piece even more unique, but by using these methods it will help keep it in its original state.

When you are not able to wear your pieces, its best to store them out of sunlight, in a protective box.

Please keep an eye out for our beautiful jewellery boxes that we will be producing very soon!