the creators

Here at KaiKoa Designs, we both feel joy in coming to work each day to create our signature wearable art and our unique selection of bespoke furniture.   

Each piece is forged with perfection in mind and exhibits the inspiration drawn from the raw land materials available to us, as well as the magnificent ocean that we strive to protect and preserve. 

Marc grew up constantly looking for new things to build from nature’s abundant gift of materials. Alongside his father and grandfather, the passion to work with timber was clear from a very early age. Utilising and understanding the infinite variations of each cut of wood allows Marc to create a totally unique and one-off design piece every time.

Sally has always had a zeal for creating. The wanderlust in her soul has given her the confidence to travel and the inspiration she has experienced in the natural form translates beautifully into each and every one of her unique pieces. 

It was apparent to us when we met that we had the same goals for the future.  We also understand that to have the ability to fulfil these dreams we need to make sure that we do everything in our power to minimise the human footprint. We aim to be carbon neutral and use as much biodegradable or recyclable packaging and product as we can.

There is an incredible world out there and we need to look after it for the generations to come.

We strive to live the life of “KoKua” here at Kaikoa designs.

Kokua means “help.” However, its deeper meaning is to extend help to others in a sacrificial way, with no intent of personal gain. For us, it means to cooperate and pitch in without regard for ones self and to have consideration for others. Our interpretation of the Kokua life is to live it with respect, for those around us, for the gifts given by nature and for the future we leave to those that follow.

Our Story

Statement of principles

To inspire creativity and grow awareness around the sustainability of our oceans and planet.

‘KaiKoa’ is translated from the Hawaiian language as the Guardian of the Sea.

At KaiKoa we are on a mission to do our part for the sustainability of the planet in the best way we can.

Our approach is to be creative, using old fashioned techniques to form unique jewellery pieces, which symbolise the very things we are fighting to protect. We operate by minimalising the waste products from our creations, with every part repurposed in the production of our beautiful merchandise.

We have a passion for the depths of the ocean and sailing the seas, as well as for climbing the highest peaks, just to sit and wonder at all the beauty this planet exhibits.